Reading List: 4th October 2015

A busy few days of reading have led to a couple of quick posts.  Today I’m focussing on:

  • Unicorns vs cockroaches
  • Transforming air travel
  • Leaders integrity, and linked with this ‘cheating software’
  • A look at the best business books according to Amazon
  • Why you should be scared of Amazon if you rely on them for your business

As usual, please discuss or comment using the comments below.

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Reading List: 3rd October 2015

I’ve been busy reading lots of blog posts over the last few days, this post includes topics such as:

  • Living in a Code Yellow World – how living in a heightened sense of security is not good for us
  • Employee owned companies are more ethical
  • How the Worlds Poorest Manage Their money better than you do
  • Agile Coaching – lessons from the trenches
  • How Netflix deals with the discipline of ‘Chaos Engineering’
  • Productivity tips in Infographics

If you’ve got any comments or would like to discuss further, please let me know by commenting this post!

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Hotel Review: South Place Hotel, London

I recently celebrated my 6th wedding anniversary with my wife with a night at South Place Hotel, near Liverpool Street Station, London.  The hotel is primarily a business hotel during the week, but we managed to get a better deal by staying on a Friday evening and booking through a comparison site.

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Restaurant Review: Angler, London

I recently celebrated my 6th wedding anniversary with my wife Clara by visiting Angler restaurant in London. I’ve visited lots of other D&D restaurants over the years and always enjoyed them for both food and service. This was our first visit to a Michelin starred one and I wondered if things would be the same.

Angler is located between Liverpool Street and Moorgate underground stations on the top floor of the South Place Hotel. It’s speciality is seafood and it won it currently holds 1 Michelin star which it gained in 2014, shortly after the opening of the hotel and restaurant. Our reservation was at 6pm and we received a very friendly welcome from the restaurant reception staff. We were shown to our table, located next to the windows, looking out over the London skyline (sadly not quite high enough to see over the buildings across the road).

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Baku Last Impressions – 3 weeks on

Three weeks ago I wrote a post (which I didn’t publish until my return as I didn’t want to cause any issues with me in the country) about my first 3 hours in the Baku, Azerbaijan.  I’ve since returned after spending three weeks and thought I’d leave with my final impressions of the 1st European Games and what I thought of Baku.

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Baku First Impressions – 3 Hours In

I’ve posted this after my return from Azerbaijan, as I didn’t want any of the comments to lead to trouble while I was in the country.

I thought I would put down on paper my first impressions of Baku, Azerbaijan. Please bear in mind these are impressions after 2 hours of broken sleep on a plane and a broken night sleep the night before – so maybe this is what made them so exciting to me!

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