Reading List: 22nd November 2015

This week’s been a busy week with plenty or reading taking place. We start with quite a technical article from the Harvard Business Review on disruptive innovation; move through articles on large scale retrospectives, losing friends in your 30s and the personalities that make good programmers. I also feature some articles around the open sourcing of the TensorFlow AI engine from Google, remote working, how to speed up delivery of your web pages on mobile devices and take a look at 20 methods for backlog prioritisation.

This week I’ve also signed up for a subscription to Blinkist. This service summarises top non-fiction books as 15-20 minute ‘blinks’. I use the audio service to listen to a book on my commute to work. So far I’m finding it very useful, although it obviously depends on the content of the book your listening to! I’ll share more as I continue to use the service.

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Reading List: 15th November 2015

This week I’m catching up a little after my holiday. I’ve got a wide variety of articles to discuss from looking at the reasons why we work to the history of Xbox Live. I’ve also read a lot about unhappiness including why under 35’s are so unhappy and why too much choice is making us unhappy. Finally, the Spotify labs tells us that the IPv6 change-over might be coming sooner rather than later – but might not be as big a problem as we first thought!

Finally, its the time of year for a new issue of the ThoughtWorks Radar.

If you have any thoughts or comments on the articles, please leave me a comment.

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Reading List: 8th November 2015

There was no reading list last week as I was away on holiday (as you’ll see by my other posts!). This weeks list catches up on a few things I’ve read over the past couple of weeks, but due to not having a commute, it’s a little light! ¬†Articles include:

  • A review of open source PaaS technologies by GDS
  • Product design inspired by the worlds best restaurants
  • The 10 commandments of marketing
  • The John Lewis Christmas advert… sorry to those who hate Christmas, it’s on it’s way!

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Cottage Review: The Cow Pen, Snitterfield, near Stratford-upon-Avon

We recently spent a week in The Cow Pen, Snitterfield to have a week of relaxation, getting away from the hustle of London. I booked the cottage on Sykes Cottages, but later found the official website here. Booking was simple and we received a confirmation email and paid automatically in two instalments. I was advised to call the property owner (who lives right next door to the cottages) in the week before arrival to arrange for key collection. I spoke with Wendy, the owner, and arranged to pick-up the keys at the property on our check-in day.

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Restaurant Review: The Cross at Kenilworth

We recently took a week long break in a cottage near Stratford-upon-Avon (review coming shortly) and on one of the rainy days decided to treat ourselves to lunch at Michelin Starred The Cross at Kenilworth. We booked a table online the evening before. As it was the week after October half-term we weren’t expecting it to be packed full.

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Reading List: 25th October 2015

This week I’ve been busy reading lots of different things. My favourite article this week comes from Kent Beck, one of the fathers of modern IT around the difference in mass production between physical engineering and software engineering. I’m also taking a look at the problems with agile, layoffs in Silicon Valley, Agile metrics and why nobody cares how hard you work.

As usual, please leave any comments below.

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Restaurant Review: SushiSamba London

I was lucky enough to be taken out for my birthday to SushiSamba on the 38th Floor of Heron Tower, near Liverpool Street Station by my wife Clara. This is one of the highest restaurants in London and has been open around 3 years now.

We arrived for our 5.30pm reservation and took the glass elevator from the ground floor. Your experience really does start here as the ride up takes around 30-40 seconds and the view of London appears in front of you. On arrival on the 38th floor the journey to the restaurant is a little strange, taking in a small corridor with no signs – but the reasons for this are obvious once you finally get into the bar area where the design really takes in the best of the views. We were seated in our window seat, looking out across the dining room with its bamboo wooden roof (see the pictures below). One thing that stands out from the start is the music which is fairly loud – this really is a place with ‘hip’ vibe rather than somewhere for a quiet, relaxed meal.

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Reading List: 17th October 2015

I’ve been doing some fairly varied reading this week, including a look at how Spotify designed their perimeter, managing the security of government digital services, what’s lost when people work from home, learning how to be creative and a direct look at the problems with measuring productivity in a knowledge based environment.

As usual if you have any thoughts or comments, please let me know below.

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Reading List: 4th October 2015

A busy few days of reading have led to a couple of quick posts. ¬†Today I’m focussing on:

  • Unicorns vs cockroaches
  • Transforming air travel
  • Leaders integrity, and linked with this ‘cheating software’
  • A look at the best business books according to Amazon
  • Why you should be scared of Amazon if you rely on them for your business

As usual, please discuss or comment using the comments below.

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