What makes a “Great place to work”?

I was recently approached by one of our recruitment agents, Harrington Starr, about taking part in a white paper they were creating, The Secrets of the Greatest Places to work in Financial Technology.

While I don’t necessarily always think of our company being heavily into the financial technology domain – we rarely hire from other FinTech companies.  I was interested to share what I’ve learned from hiring over the past 4 years and see how this compared to others.

It was a really interesting process talking with Nadia from Harrington Starr and hearing about some of the ideas other companies were putting into practice.  The things I think we do well that are further backed up by this paper are:

  • Create a vision with the team.  This vision has to be ‘real’ i.e. not the corporate ‘values’ we have been used to in the past, that bear no resemblance to reality!  Ensure that the team buy into the vision by creating it with them.  Understand that you can’t please everyone!
  • Focus on technical quality and “doing the right thing”.  My team will tell you that they are probably a little bored of my using this statement.  It isn’t meant to be quite as black and white as it sounds – but it underpins every decision I make and is something I have deliberately decided to focus on this year.
  • Pay people what they are worth – not what you can get away with.  I’ve always been passionate about paying a fair wage, and this is heavily backed up by this paper.  I am slightly sceptical that “a fair wage” can be deliberately misconstrued by some people who have a more pie in the sky view of their worth in the market though!

I would love to hear any comments you may have on my comments or this article in general.