Complaint: TrustFord

I purchased a car from TrustFord Woodford Green, around 2 years ago, as part of the purchase I decided to take up the 5 year service-plan that covered the service and MOT of the car for the next 5 years. I recently had an issue where this year TrustFord forgot to MOT the car at the same time as the service, which meant I had to make a complaint, full transcript below:

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Complaint: Next Made to Measure

I’d like to share with everyone a recent complaint I had with ‘Next Made to Measure’ after placing an order for some curtains in December 2014.

I first had to complain as our curtains were made, but failed QA due to a defect in the material.  ‘Next’ didn’t then have enough material left to complete another pair, and told me we would have to wait until February for some more material to come in stock.  This in itself wasn’t great, but they also told me they were holding onto the money I had paid for 2 months and generally made this all appear like it was my fault.

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