About Me

I’m a passionate technologist, currently in my early thirties, living with my wife in North East London.  I currently work as a Development Manager, managing a rapidly growing development team of 60 (soon to be 80) team members.

Although a little more hands off than I used to be, I still get excited about building product.  Over the last couple of years my focus has been on how to get teams to build product optimally.  I’m passionate about continuous improvement, not only in the office, but also in my personal life.

Outside work I’ve been involved with Volleyball in the UK for around the last 18 years.  The last few years I’ve been more involved with computerised statistics than actually playing and was proud to volunteer as a statistician at the London 2012 Olympics, including working on the Men’s Gold Medal game.

Two of my other passions are food and travel – especially when they can be combined.  I love travelling across the world, but especially in Asia.  I enjoy eating out in some of the best restaurants I can find.

All views on this blog are my own, and do not represent the views of any employer I may have.

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