ThoughtWorks Radar – November 2016

ThoughtWorks Radar November 2016

The latest edition of the ThoughtWorks Radar came out this week. For those working in technology who’ve never come across this, read it now! I thought I’d take a few minutes to summarise the items that stood out for me in this edition. They stood out mainly as they solve problems that we’ve had or scratch itches that have bothered me for a while.

The tools are:

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Reading List: 15th November 2015

This week I’m catching up a little after my holiday. I’ve got a wide variety of articles to discuss from looking at the reasons why we work to the history of Xbox Live. I’ve also read a lot about unhappiness including why under 35’s are so unhappy and why too much choice is making us unhappy. Finally, the Spotify labs tells us that the IPv6 change-over might be coming sooner rather than later – but might not be as big a problem as we first thought!

Finally, its the time of year for a new issue of the ThoughtWorks Radar.

If you have any thoughts or comments on the articles, please leave me a comment.

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