Restaurant Review: Fujitaya, Miyajima near Hiroshima, Japan

On a recent visit to Japan we found ourselves visiting the Floating Tori tourist attraction on Miyajima Island, which is a 40 minute journey from Hiroshima station. When doing some research on the area we found that seafood was a particular speciality of the area and specifically local oysters or eel (anago) rice. When I looked for restaurants on the island I came across Fujitaya in the Michelin guide, which has been awarded one Michelin star. Given Fujitaya had been rated top on the island we decided to give it a try!

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Cottage Review: The Cow Pen, Snitterfield, near Stratford-upon-Avon

The Cow Pen, Snitterfield

We recently spent a week in The Cow Pen, Snitterfield to have a week of relaxation, getting away from the hustle of London. I booked the cottage on Sykes Cottages, but later found the official website here. Booking was simple and we received a confirmation email and paid automatically in two instalments. I was advised to call the property owner (who lives right next door to the cottages) in the week before arrival to arrange for key collection. I spoke with Wendy, the owner, and arranged to pick-up the keys at the property on our check-in day.

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Baku First Impressions – 3 Hours In

I’ve posted this after my return from Azerbaijan, as I didn’t want any of the comments to lead to trouble while I was in the country.

I thought I would put down on paper my first impressions of Baku, Azerbaijan. Please bear in mind these are impressions after 2 hours of broken sleep on a plane and a broken night sleep the night before – so maybe this is what made them so exciting to me!

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Kyoto City Review – Top Sights

We recently visited Hong Kong – a regular occurrence to visit my parents-in-law – and while there we often take a short haul trip.  This time we decided to visit Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan.  We’ve visited Japan before, but went to Tokyo, and while we were very impressed with Japanese culture and food, it was in many ways, just another large city.  Everything we had read about Kyoto before we visited suggested it would be a much different (and more beautiful) place – especially during the spring cherry blossom season when we would be visiting.

Overall we had a great time, spending 5 nights in Kyoto, and walking close to 90Km over our 6 days – a few highlights and top sights are shown below.

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